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  • Name: Inventory+
  • Category: Business
  • Version: 1.0
  • Back-end: Php

Inventory-Plus :: Complete Business ERP Solution

Inventory-Plus is a smart ERP solution to manage your business. Inventory-Plus web application is not only helps you to manage your business but also keeps track of your inventory. It has a full account management system. It also supported product serail, warranty time manage also. To limit your small & big business, outlet or company Inventory-Plus is the right choice. Rs Soft provides you the best ERP web application for businesses or enterprise.

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Benefits Of Inventory-Plus Web Application

Here are a lot of interesting features that will boost your business up. We are the best ERP web application developer. Those features are going to make your business so easy and give you ultimate control over your business. Maintain your small or local business by using Inventory-Plus.

Inventory Monitoring

It has a fully-integrated Inventory Management system. Fully illustrated stock information, purchase information, sale information. You will also get a notification before running out any product and running out any product warranty days.

Make Better Decision

Get a complete Graphical view of your business—from Bank, Cash book, Sale, Purchase, Inventory and Customer Service with reliable reports. You can make a better decision about the future of your business.

Remote Access

You can control your business from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. To get remote access you can use our android or you can directly access your Inventory-Plus web application from a browser. Note your Inventory-Plus is fully resposive for any device.

Comfortable Sales System

Inventory-Plus web application has a fully automatic Sales system. There is a POS system for sale. Every product has barcode, you can use barcode reader, which can make the sale faster.

Online and offline Service

Inventory-Plus Web Application is an online and offline ERP system. The offline version has the same features as online. All of your data will be stored on your localhost.

Warranty Management

Inventory-Plus Web Application has product serial number, warranty days. You can easily found supplier name and customer name using the serail number and check warranty days avaiale or not.

Spectacular Dashboard

You will get a full overview of your business in the dashboard of Inventory-Plus web application. Not only listed views but also graphical view reports of our Purchase, Sales, Profit 12 months mens 1 year. Our Inventoy-Plus web application dashboard is very fantastic and user-friendly.

Database Backup And Restore

Inventory-Plus web application has a smart Data Backup system, which can allow you to export the database at any time and you can restore any time. This features supported both version online and offline.

Inventory-Plus Web Application Modules

To manage your business purchase, sales, profit modules in the this web application system. Inventoy-Plus web application to help to the sales and distribution activities with clients, follow-ups and opponent assessment, etc. Some of the Inventoy-Plus modules are described here.

Dynamic Dashboard:

The dashboard is a significant piece of any product. To bring all the vital data about your business at the tip of your finger, we make a remarkable dashboard.In the opening you will see purchase, sales, profit report with 12 month separately with graph view. Which can give you a total graphical view about the sale and purchase ratio monthly. You can know about the amount of products, stock price, today sales, low quanty of products, sales this month, purchase this mounth, customer due, supplier due and low warranty days. At the bottom you also see user wise sales, purcahse with cash-in-hand transaction. You can also see indivisualy every user cash-in-hand summary balace at the end of the day.

Advance Search

Advanse search is awesome module. It work like google in your business. You can search anything about product, customer name, supplier name or supplier contact number etc. It will search in the database that you entered, if match any data you can see all details about the products or customer or supplier details. You can also search product name or barcode. It will show buy price, sales price, stock quantity etc like this.

One most interesting things that, you can search product serial number. If the serial number is valid, it will show you purchase supplier name and customer name if you sold. It is amazing because you can easily verify any customer product warranty date.

Customer Management:

With the Customers module, you can boost your sales. To build up a long-term business customers module can play a vital role. Inventory-Plus web application has an enhanced customers or CRM system to communicate with customers and keep track of every single purchase of a customer. You can also manage customer ledger. These features include the following section:

  • Manage Customer: Create and Update data of customer.
  • Customer Due Amount: Received customer due amount.
  • Manage Due Amount: Remove or Pay Receipt of customer due amount.

Supplier Management:

Supplier is one of the important for any business. This module can help you to regular routine check with supplier. If you business of multi products. You have multi supplier. Your profit will be depented on your purchase. This method works each small, medium or big business. You can manage your indivisualy supplier purchase ledger or statement. This features include the following sections:

  • Manage Supplier: Create and Update your suplier details or data.
  • Supplier Payment: Make payment supplier due amount.
  • Manage Payment: Delete or Pay Receipt payment supplier due amount

Product Management:

Product is one of the most important elements for a small, medium, large business or company. So it needs a dynamic managing system. Inventory-Plus web application has Products powerful module. You can add as many categories, brand and units as many as you want. We make the product adding as simple as possible. You have to go Add product option and give some necessary information about your product and click submit. If you have a lot of products and you don’t want to add one by one. We also have a bulk upload option. Just download the demo CSV file and fill up the excel file with all necessary information about your product and upload it.

  • Brand: Create, Remove and Update products Brand Name.
  • Categories: Create, Remove and Update products Categoris Name.
  • Units: Create, Remove and Update products Units. Like- Pcs, Kg, Pound etc
  • Manage Products: Create, Remove and Update products details. like- brnad, category, unit, vat, tax. Print barcode if your need. It will auto generate.
  • Import (CSV): Upload csv sheet from here

Purchase Management:

Puchase is the most important thing or common parts of any business. Inventory-Plus web application has wonderfull purchase system. Just you choose the supplier and select product one by one with buy price, sales price, quantity and if need serial number and warranty days. No need any calculation. When your product selection is completed you will see sub total, supplier due and other calculation. Just check the all filed and hit purchase. The Inventory-Plus web application has two section of Purchase module. These are:

  • Add Purchase: Create New Purchase from here.
  • Manage Purchase: Remove or Print Purchase Invoice from here.

Sales Management:

Every ERP Software or web application has different types of sales system. Then Inventory-Plus web application has fantastic sales system. Inventory-Plus Web application has two types of sales system. Every sales system has its own invoice making system. POS is a fast sale system for every outlet, using a barcode reader, you can conduct the sale like a pro. You need just scan products, it will automatic count product quantity and other calculation. You need to fix payment amount or type for sales. Inventory-Plus Web Application provides 3 section under this module. There are:

  • Add Sales: Create sales by choose product name or model bumber and click add button for multiple products sale.
  • POS Sales: Create sales by using barcode for fash sales
  • Manage Sales: Remove or Print Sales Invoice system provides this section.

Stock Management:

Stock modules manage the flow of all product items. To control this flow business web application has an outstanding stock management system. You can print your stock summary from this module. You can also learn about each of your product items:

  • Available Stock Quantity
  • Current Buy Price
  • Current Sales Price

Return Management:

Every kind of business need to be product return to supplier or customer. This module help you supplier or customer return managements. For the customer return you need to sales invoice no, which is verify the products it your shop or showroom. Your will see the all product list under the sales invoice no. You just need to change return qurantity of products. Defult it was 0. You can remove the products wich is not return by tash icon or leave as is it. The Inventory-Plus Web Application Return module provide these section:

  • Return: Create or Add Customer or Supplier return.
  • Customer Return List: Manage customer return.
  • Supplier Return List: Manage Supplier Return.

Damage Management:

Every business or company has product damage or use for self. Now how to manage it. Don't Inventory-Plus Web application has Damage Module. You can manage your product damage or use for selft here. If you add damage product it will be minus product buy price from stock price and quantity automaticaly. You can manage damage also. Like remove or print damage invoice. This module provides these sections:

  • Add Damage: Add your product list like seal module and save.
  • Manage Damage: Manage damage, Delete or print damage invoice from here.

Warranty Management:

This module is not mendotary for everyone. Because it is use only for warranty products business. Like Mobile, Computer or any Electronic products business which has Customer Warranty. If your business like this, Warranty Modules hepls you. You need to just verify and see supplier and customer of the products from Search module. After that you add warranty from this module. You can learn about each of your product items:

  • Add Warranty: Add your customer warranty products.
  • Manage Warranty: Manage, Update, Remove of Print warranty recipt for your customer.

Service Management:

This is realy extra features of Inventory-Plus Web Application. It jsut aweome to manage your services. Examle- If your business is computer sales, you may need to repair some repair your customers computer or laptop. Now you have to bill for the repair. Now how can manage you. This module is your solution for this. You also can generate to service invoice for our customers. Because some customers have company or organaization, that need invoice for bill. You can know more details from the section:

  • Manage Service: Add/Create your service
  • Service Invoice: Make service infoice or sell your service.
  • Manage Service Invoice: Manage your service invoice. Like delete or print again.

Expense Management:

Expense module manage your all expense that you expensed. Like employe salary, Coffee bill, Electicity bill manay other like this. You can create expense category as you want and you can see report with category. You can make expense with remarkable details. You can learn about each of your product items:

  • Expense Category: Create/Add your expense category thats you want. Like Employe Salay, Electicity bill etc.
  • Add Expense: Create/Add your expense this section.
  • Manage Expense: Manage your expense leger with this section.

Bank Management:

Inventory-Plus Web Application have bank account manament module for you. You can easily manage your bank account from here. You can add multiple bank account this module for payment supplier or recevied payment form customers. It is very easy. Just choose payment type bank. You can also manage your bank transaction. Remember it Your bank credit is negative value and debit is positive value. For more details are provide on these section under Bank module:

  • Manage Bank: Manage your bank account. Create, Delete or Update.
  • Bank Transaction: Create/Add your bank transaction for adjustment.
  • Bank Ledger: Manage your bank transaction.

Cash Management:

Cash management is very important for every ERP Software or Web Application. Inventoy-Plus provide awesome Cash management system. It will be automatic posted when you use payment type Cash. Otherwise you can also cash transaction for adjustment of your cash. This module show you amount of cash in cash drawer.

  • Cash Transaction: Create/Add customer cash transaction for adjustment
  • Cash Ledger: Manage Cash ledger. You can print also Date wise cash transaction.

Real time Reports:

Generating reports is a very hard task and also time-consuming. To save your valuable time Inventory-Plus has a very useful module Reports. All report are generated date wise. For this you generate your own reports by date.Every report print option and every single report has view button. You can check every single report with view button. Some reports has Opening Balance and Closing Balance for get actual report. You will find 15 different reports in this web application. They are: 1. Date Wise Search, 2.Profit & Loss, 3.User Wise(All), 4.General Ledger, 5.Stock Ledger, 6.Bank Ledger, 7.Cash Book, 8.Shipping Cost, 9.Vat & Tax, 10.Profit (Sale), 11.Supplier Ledger, 12.Customer Ledger, 13.Sales(Product Wise), 14.Sales(Category Wise), 15.Sales(Brand Wise).

From More Details, Please visit live demo link from avobe.

Settings Management:

Inventory-Plus Web Application has Awesome settings module for management your Inventory-Plus. For setup your company or business details use this module. Many important setting are provide here for manage Invenroy-Plus web application. They are:

  • Backup & Restore: Backup and Restore your database from this section.
  • Company Info: Fill-up your company details. Like logo, Company Name, Address etc.
  • Manage User: Create, Deactive your web application user. There are 3 types of user: Admin, Manager, Sales Man.
  • Currancy: Create and Remove multiple curreny.
  • Software Settings: Setup your currency, currency position, number of low quantity, number of warranty days.

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